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Reducing Risk. Powering Potential.

Unleash your team's potential with our annual license! Gain unlimited access to cutting-edge assessment quizzes hosted on our platform. Assess, report and develop tailored training that fits your business.  

How ACT Works


Gone is the day when you need an Excel spreadsheet with a payroll matrix. Instead, ACT allows the payroll team to go on a journey to understand their knowledge through quizzes.


Understanding and reporting the payroll team’s strengths and weaknesses will maximise the team’s output and highlight where you can customise your payroll training.


After you've assessed your strengths and weaknesses, you can undergo training within our platform using our e-learning modules to gain a comprehensive understanding of the questions and answers. 

Karen Thomson, UK Payroll Director at AAB, discusses the importance of ACT in streamlining the training and development process.

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Reduce your payroll risk and power the team's potential

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Discover how payroll professionals are embracing  ACT as an essential toolkit for training and development so they can reliably grow and improve their team.

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See ACT in action

Features of ACT 

Optional Extras

View personal development

Maximize your team's potential by setting goals based on their abilities, qualities, and aims.

In-depth reporting 

A key purpose of ACT is to enable managers to report on team members' progress in real time while they are still alive, so that training can be targeted accordingly.

Traffic light dashboard

With our traffic light dashboard, you can monitor the performance of your team

Unlimited retakes of quizzes 

You can retake the quizzes as many times as you like. The quizzes' objective is not to trip you up to fail, but rather to serve as a gauge of your progress.

Unlock the power of a single, comprehensive dashboard to assess the skills and knowledge of your payroll team. Make informed training decisions and optimise your training budgets for maximum impact and results. 

Streamline your training process like never before! 

Personal Development

Empower your payroll team to grow, succeed, and comply with the payroll legislation. Unlock their full potential while ensuring adherence to regulations and industry standards.

In-depth Reporting

Effortlessly assess your team's knowledge, identify areas for improvement, and track training needs with our comprehensive reporting feature. 

Stay ahead with actionable insights. 

The ACT platform uncovers the payroll knowledge within the team, maximising training and payroll compliance. 

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See ACT in actionSee ACT in action
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